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Can Ocular Migraines Make You Feel Sick

Because ocular migraine means having to deal with a disturbed vision, ocular migraine dizziness is also one of the symptoms of the condition that you will need to learn to handle. Whether a person loses part of their vision or they start to see distorted images or they experience certain dramatic kinds of visual effects, ocular migraine dizziness is almost certainly going to be one. Ocular migraine, or migraine with aura, involves visual disturbances that occur with or without migraine pain. Unusual moving patterns in your field of vision can be startling, especially when you... Nausea (sickness) and vomiting (being sick) can happen at this stage, and you may feel sensitive to light, sound, smell and movement.

Painkillers work best when taken early in this stage. Resolution Most attacks slowly fade away, but some stop suddenly after the person with migraine is sick, or cries a lot.

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